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Rütistrasse 9

6490 Andermatt


The Rüti Hütte is located above Andermatt at the foot of the Oberalp Pass. The hut can be reached within a few minutes on foot from the Andermatt train station. At the hut you can enjoy a view of Andermatt, the Urseren Valley and the surrounding mountains.

Karte Rüti Hütte.png


By foot:

Approximately 10 minutes' walk from the Gütsch-Express valley station / Andermatt railway station (150m). From the Hotel Radisson Blu Reussen it is about a 15-minute walk until we welcome you to the Rüti Hütte.

Approximately 1 hour's walk from the Nätschen middle station.

This means that we are easily accessible even in "bad" weather and when the SkiArena is not open.

With skis or sledges:

About 10 minutes from the Nätschen middle station. 

Car park::

The nearest car park is Rossstall (approx. 5 minutes below the Rüti Hütte).  There are other car parks within a 15-minute walk. We invite you to cover the short distance and visit us - either from the Gütsch-Express valley station, just 150 metres away, or from the Rossstall car park, about 50 metres away.


By foot:

Approx. 10 minutes from the Gütsch-Express valley station / Andermatt train station.


Space for 2 cars directly at the Rüti Hütte. Otherwise, use the public parking spaces near the train station.

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