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Our story:
from barn to bar

Until 2017 - Rüti Hütte as a barn

The Rüti Hütte has been owned by our family since 1946. For generations, the hut was used as a stable for goats, cattles and later also sheeps. 

Today, the meadow around the hut is used extensively in summer. In autumn the land is grazed by sheeps. In winter, the ski slope is right in front of the hut.  

Rüti als Rinderstall

Our cattles in front of the Rüti Hütte (approx. 2008)

Rüti Hütte im Umbau

The hut in the middle of renovation (summer 2017)

2017 - Rüti Hütte under construction

The major renovation took place in 2017. The new piste restaurant was created from the old barn. The old front wall and the size of the building were retained. 

From 2017 - Bar 

2017 -2022

The hut was rented out and thus managed externally.


From 2022

The new opening will take place in December. From now on, the hut is run by the owner family and their team.   


The Rüti Hütte in operation 

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